About Us

Who Are We ?

We have provided support for survivors of a stroke in the Thornbury district of South Gloucestershire since 1981. We are a group of stroke survivor’s and those that help us. Together as a team, we provide social and therapeutic activities as well as support and friendship.

Becoming a Member

What will I get out of being a member ?

As a member you will enjoy the benefits of:

●  Group meetings where you will meet and exchange  experiences with others affected by stroke.

●  Talks and presentations on a wide range of interesting  subjects and entertainment from local groups.

●  Outings to places of interest usually followed by a meal!

●  Social events such as lunches at Christmas and Harvest  time.

●  The opportunity to take part in some or all of our group  activities that include swimming, bowls and art.

●  Being kept up to date with all issues concerning strokes.

●  A friendly understanding ear for you and your family when  you need it.

●  An opportunity to take part in our annual holiday at a venue  that caters for your needs.

How much will all this cost me ?

There are no subscription charges but we do ask for a  contribution for some outings and meals.

We are totally reliant on donations and our own fund raising efforts

Who Can Join Us ?

Anyone within our catchment area that has had a stroke may be eligible to join us as a group member.

We also welcome volunteers from a wider area to help with our activities, transport, outings and administration.

A Guide to Our Catchment Area

What Will I get Out of Being a Volunteer ?

Not only will you get a great deal of satisfaction from helping stroke survivors but you will also get to meet some super people and enjoy social activities and outings with them.

Becoming a Volunteer

Like many charitable organisations we rely solely on volunteers to support the victims of stroke in the Thornbury district. We are always looking for new volunteers so that we can help our Stroke Members now and into the future.

Strokes affect people in different ways; if you are concerned that you would be having to help severely disabled people, don’t let that put you off as it is not the case. It is true we have some members in wheelchairs and others with mobility problems but most of them are determinedly independent and just need a bit of help. Speech impediments sometimes make communication difficult but if you are prepared to listen, you can benefit from a wealth of experience and will hear some interesting stories from our members about their lives.
If you would like to become involved, we would love to hear from you. Other than a small contribution to your own costs associated with our social events and outings, there is no other financial commitment.